General Maintenance Technician

Paragon Management Group

job description


  1. Repair Common/Limited Common Elements as needed by clients.

    1. Carpentry

    2. Roof and gutters

    3. Plumbing

    4. Electrical

    5. Siding

  2. Perform inspections of properties

  3. Develop pro-active preventative maintenance program for clients.

  4. Assist in preparation of bid specifications.

  5. Assist with developing bid

    1. Present recommendations to Association Managers for final decision

  6. Keep Association Managers informed of problems or concerns.

  7. Work closely with PMG office staff to coordinate field activities (i.e. client complaints, etc.)

  8. Continue to Learn

    1. Attend periodic job related training sessions and seminars

    2. Maintain a willingness to learn new job related skills

  9. Be a responsible PMG employee

    1. Understand the company handbook and adhere to Company policies

    2. Represent Company in a professional manner


  1. Focus on the Client

    1. Demonstrate awareness of Client importance

    2. Understand Clients’ needs

    3. Treat Clients and fellow employee with courtesy and respect

    4. Seek new ways to improve service to Clients

  2. Focus on Teamwork

    1. Demonstrate commitment to shared team and Company goals

    2. Help co-workers to succeed

    3. Do equal share of the work

    4. Balance personal interests with the needs of the team and Company

    5. Be present and on time to meet individual and team responsibilities

  3. Focus on Quality

    1. Take personal responsibility for producing high quality work

    2. Set high standards for self

    3. Consciously avoids waste of time, effort, materials, and equipment


  1. Knowledge and experience in the field of maintenance and construction

  2. Strong mechanical abilities and knowledge of safety guidelines

  3. Ability to work independently or in a team environment

  4. Excellent listening skills

  5. Ability to use MS PC software desired


  1. High school diploma


  1. 3-5 years experience in a maintenance environment

  2. Experience working independently or in a team environment

  3. Experience working with diverse client base


  1. Regular Attendance Required

  2. Ability to work overtime

  3. Ability to lift up to 40 lbs using proper lifting techniques

  4. Approximately 5% travel

contact information

business: Paragon Management Group
contact: Barbara Wissing
address: 5151 Jefferson Blvd. Suite 102
Louisville, KY 40219
phone: 502-451-0485 (Call Now)